The AutJudo team in the beautiful gardens of Ramon Llull University. Left to right, top row: Cilia Evenblij (CH), Mario Bontognali (CH), Dick Dahlstrom Rösselharth (SE), Miriam Guerra Balic (ES), José Morales Aznar (ES), Bob Lefevere (NL), James Mulroy (IE), Chiara Adami (IT), Cristina Curto Luque (ES) and bottom row: Henk de Vries (NL), Tycho van der Werff (NL), Tomas Rundqvist (SE), Emanuela Pierantozzi (IT), Luigina Desopo (IT) and Teresa Mulroy (IE)


The first day, some Judo was done in the Complex Esportiu de l’Hospitalet Nord to experience each others’ methods.

We look forward to a successful project and great cooperation!

The AutJudo kickoff meeting