Here in Verona too, we’re ready to start our judo lessons again after the summer holidays!
In these past months, our volunteers and coaches spent a lot of time gathering information related to rules and procedures to be applied. They’ve also contacted local authorities in order to have the places at the sports centre confirmed.

Our judo program will start next Monday, October the 5th .
Some things will be different: only judokas and teachers can be present, no parents or supervisors are allowed to be in the room; our judo classes will be shorter, so that we’ll have the time to clean and sanitize the tatami; hands and feet have to be disinfected on
entering and leaving the tatami…
But on the other hand, some other things will be just the same as they were last years: our kids’ enthusiasm is not changed, nor our coaches’ and volunteers’ commitment will be reduced.

Last week, we held a meeting with our kids’ parents, during which we discussed rules and procedures to be followed. Our judokas, and their families too, are more than thrilled to restart some judo activities with other kids, they just can’t wait.

Judo In Armonia team

The progress report of Judo in Armonia (Verona, IT)